CNC Machining

Sensor Systems LLC is thrilled to announce a new product line available for your machining needs. Since 2018, we have worked with DMG MORI, a worldwide leader of CNC machines, to bring turning and true 5-axis milling capabilities in house to meet our customers requirements.

Please Contact us to discuss your CNC needs and our team is ready to support.

DMU 75 monoBLOCK

With 29.5in traverse on the X-axis, 20,000rpm motor spindle and a tool magazine with 60 pockets, the DMU | DMC 75 mono BLOCK machines offer top features from the ground up. In a footprint of less than 86ft2, workpieces up to 33.1in in diameter and 1,322 lbs in weight can be machined. The working area can also be loaded from above without difficulty. Three
different 3D control systems and the integrated MPC (Machine Protection Control) round off this unique 5-axis complete solution.

NLX 2500

The NLX 2500 offers a standard chuck size of 10 inches for Spindle 1, with true live tooling, 700mm between centers and 6 inches for Spindle 2, employing a highly reliable spindle that keeps thermal displacement to the minimum. The model provides the 2-axis turning specification, the milling specification and the Y-axis specification together with various spindle and turret options

CMX 1100 V

The CMX 1100 model can handle a wide range of workpieces for all kinds of fields thanks to their great versatility and axis travel. The models achieve high reliability with the meticulous design to the details, realizing the new machines that serve as the foundation for vertical machining centers. The CMX 1100 Series equipped with the rotary table enables process integration through high efficiency machining and high-speed / high-accuracy indexing.

NLX 1500

The NLX 1500s are high-rigidity, high-precision turning centers capable of handling varieties of workpieces with superior live tool turning capability ensured by the robust bed and outstanding milling performance achieved by the Built-in Motor Turret and spindle 2 capacity.

CL2000 BT

The CL2000 is a compact machine that meets the demand for turning, milling, center work and other needs of our customers that feature a 8” chuck and maximum turning length of 22.1 in

DMU 50

The DMU 50 3rd Generation offers travel paths of 25.6 x 20.4 x 18.7″ (650 x 520 x 475 mm) and a workpiece up to 661lb (300kg) featuring a speedMaster spindle with 20,000RPM. It’s new NC swivel-rotary table with an enlarged swivel range of −35°/+110° boosts versatility on this 5-axis machine. Additionally, the pallet handling system allows for optimized production via direct control with the machine control system