Sensor Systems offers the most complete line of precision standard and custom potentiometers for military, aerospace, medical, industrial, and commercial systems. For over 65 years, we have developed, manufactured, and delivered custom potentiometers in both conductive plastic film and wirewound for the most demanding applications. Available in a wide variety of linear and rotary motion configurations, our potentiometers provide infinite resolution position feedback. Please see our potentiometer technical tutorial located: Potentiometer Technical Information.

Linear Motion Potentiometers

PictureModelResistance RangeStrokeLinearity (+/-)PowerElementOutputDatasheet
111500 to 50K Ohms per inchto 36 inch to 0.05% 1.0 Watts1 inch SquarePotentiometricDownload PDF
113500 to 50K Ohms per inchto 4 inchto 0.10%1.0 Watts0.5 inch RoundPotentiometricDownload PDF
119500 to 50K Ohms per inchto 8 inchto 0.05%1.0 Watts0.75 inch RoundPotentiometricDownload PDF
120500 to 50K Ohms per inchto 1 inchto 0.25%1.0 WattsRectangularPotentiometricDownload PDF
121500 to 50K Ohms per inchto 12 inchto 0.05%1.0 Watts1 inch RoundPotentiometricDownload PDF
1401K Ohm per inchto 18 inchto 0.5%1.0 Watts0.175 W x 0.087PotentiometricDownload PDF
1501K Ohm per inchto 36 inchto 0.25%1.0 Watts0.312 inch SquarePotentiometricDownload PDF
1901K to 10K Ohm per inchto 24 inch1.0 to 0.10%0.75 WattsRectangularPotentiometricDownload PDF
132811K to 10K Ohm per inchto 6 inch1.0 to 0.10%1.0 WattsRoundPotentiometric

Rotary Motion Potentiometers – Conductive Plastic, Single-Turn

PictureModelCategoryResistance RangeIndependent Linearity (+/-)PowerShaft DiameterPilotBushingDatasheet
VP-09Low Cost500 to 50K Ohms0.50%1.5 Watts1/8, 1/4 inch0.750 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
78Precision1K to 30K Ohms0.15%2.0 Watts1/8 inch0.750 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
SL11Precision (Slim-Line)1K to 20K Ohms0.10%1.5 Watts1/8 inch1.062 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
SL12Precision (Slim-Line)1K to 20K Ohms0.10%1.5 Watts1/8 inch1.093 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
105Precision1K to 50K Ohms0.08%2.0 Watts1/4 inch1.030 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
SL15Precision (Slim-Line)1.5K to 30K Ohms0.10%2.0 Watts1/4 inch1.3125 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
155Precision1K to 50K Ohms0.06%2.0 Watts1/4 inch1.3125 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
SL18Precision (Slim-Line)2K to 40K Ohms0.07%3.0 Watts1/4 inch1.562 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
175Precision1K to 80K Ohms0.05%4.0 Watts1/4 inch1.562 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
SL20Precision (Slim-Line)2K to 40K Ohms0.05%3.0 Watts1/4 inch1.875 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
205Precision1K to 100K Ohms0.04%4.0 Watts1/4 inch1.875 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
SL30Precision (Slim-Line)4K to 80K Ohms0.04%5.0 Watts1/4 inch2.875 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
305Precision1K to 100K Ohms0.03%5.0 Watts1/4 inch2.875 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
FS752Clutch Potentiometer1K to 10K Ohm0.1%1.0 Watt1/4 inch
921583-Gang Single Turn1K to 10K Ohm0.5%1.0 Watt1/4 inch

Rotary Motion Potentiometers – Conductive Plastic, Multi-Turn

PictureModelCategoryResistance RangeIndependent Linearity (+/-)PowerShaft DiameterPilotBushingDatasheet
7810Precision (1T thru 10T)1K to 50K Ohms0.10%2.0 Watts3/16 inch0.750 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
7814Precision (1T thru 10T)5K to 100K Ohms0.08%2.0 Watts1/8 inch0.750 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
20010Precision (1T thru 10T)5K to 100K Ohms0.03%4.0 Watts1/4 inch1.875 inch3/8/1932Download PDF

Wire Wound, Single-Turn

PictureModelCategoryResistance RangeIndependent Linearity (+/-)PowerShaft DiameterPilotBushingDatasheet
5001Industrial10 to 50K Ohms5.00%2.0 Watts1/8 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
H151Industrial100 to 100K Ohms0.50%3.5 Watts1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
RC09Precision500 to 50K Ohms0.15%2.0 Watts1/8 inch0.750 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
RC11Precision100 to 80K Ohms0.10%2.0 Watts1/8 inch0.9688 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
RC15Precision100 to 100K Ohms0.08%3.5 Watts1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
RC18Precision100 to 150K Ohms0.06%3.5 Watts1/4 inch1.562 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
RC20Precision100 to 200K Ohms0.05%5.0 Watts1/4 inch1.875 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
RC30Precision500 to 400K Ohms0.03%8.0 Watts1/4 inch2.875 inch.3/8-32Download PDF
100010T250 to 600K Ohms0.05%1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
10055T250 to 600K Ohms0.05%1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
121515T250 to 600K Ohms0.05%1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
122020T250 to 600K Ohms0.05%1/4 inch3/8/1932Download PDF
5000Industrial10 to 50K Ohms5.00%1/8 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
7400Industrial50 to 50K Ohms1.00%1/8 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
8400Industrial (3T, 5T, 10T)50 to 100K Ohms0.25%1/4 inch0.625 inch3/8/1932
MD09Precision500 to 50K Ohms0.15%1/8 inch0.750 inch1/4/1932Download PDF
MD20Precision500 to 400K Ohms0.05%1/4 inch1.875 inch3/8/1932Download PDF